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My favorite part is the horse broach. Bring it back now y’all


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Recent MK action



( Love this coat! Bringing velvet back in style.)

Riding bikes in NYC with her BF artist Nate Loweman


[Obvious photo cred above to JJ]

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Its been awhile



MKO, you are fabulous

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Awesome MK photo spread from I don’t even know when. Something I came across that I haven’t seennnn! Hard to believe. Enjoy. I’m going to B-E-D. Leaving Florida tomorrow AM.

iconmk5iconmk2iconmk4iconmkMaybe its because I grew up  loving the Olsens, and MK was always my favorite, but I have an unhealthy obsession. I’m just so intrigued. Their lives are fascinating.

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mk2gNot a scary vampire 🙂 well done! I really love the coat and her eye make up.

I tried to get into Gossip Girl and I never did. Maybe now I would…? I’m not sure. But they all dress unrealistically well, though their parents wealth would make style more accessible. Anyway- here are some people from the show. Real life couple and on-screen couple, I’m sure they always dress awesome in both worlds.


and cute dog!

Photo cred: JustJared

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I have some Olsen clean up I need to do on my desktop.

ashely olsen circa 07


I’m sorry, but I really don’t think MK looks good here. I’ve been reading other opinions (bc I’m that cool). It might just be her hair, but if thats it and thats all- she shouldn’t have ever walked with it looking like a rats nest. But I think she looks like a vampire. Like the vampire queen. She should be in Twilight.


Lastly, some time in 06. I want to say from the Rolling Stones, but don’t take my word!


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spring forward.

cute_funny_animals_13It was my grandpa’s birthday this weekend. He turned 80! He is such an accomplished person and everyone totally adores him. The stories he tells are amazingly filled with great detail and passion. I think he might have the sharpest memory I know. When I am 80 I hope I have crazy stories. I want to live an incredibly exciting life.

2 weeks of school left! Then spring break! I leave you with MK 🙂


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