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Write about you.

I don’t every write.
It will be very uncommon to find a blog dedicated to only writing.
Where has originality gone? Why is no one doing their own thing anymore. Everyone follows others. I am victim, we are all victim. Someone sets the trend and people follow. It shouldn’t be so. People should do as they please and others should be inspired.
I’m beginning a new page in my book, I hope. Please, no one tell me what is cool. Please no one copy anything. Do as you do and be OK with it. Be you and I’ll be me and if those two people have things in common then great. Lets meet and be friends. But be you and I’ll be me. And lets not ask for much more and certainly nothing less.

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The Selby

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Happy weekend. Drink a whiskey sour!


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which one?

For my photo assignment which was to shoot a portrait of someone else in my class. I really like both. which one?













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I woke up early today (9:20), made coffee, and now I’m ready to start the week. My schedule is very busy!!

Happy Monday!!


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